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captions proviied by: real-time closed captioning p>> the state's first slot >> it's aa exciting place to work. >> where and when you'll be able tt play riggt here in maryland. a patient at a state mental hospital found dead. who state police have harged with her death. baltimore. how fans celebrated today's home-opener win against live in high-definition the hollywood casino ffatures 1550 slot machines and a full buff a. it's opening a few days ahead of schedule. lottery officials signed off on its license late this evening.
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melinda roeeer has more. >>reporter: casino managers say >> definitely a change of pace. lots of glitz and glamour. >> all have been extremely supportive of this. really heard nothing but positives from the locallcommuuity and we're excited to be art of it.
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>>reporter: the general manager pays the casiio will celebrate its grand opening thursday, but1 will open the doors to its first customers monday. >> a few tweaks zee to do with pighttng for better camera coverage in a few instances. we're feeling ggod about it. crowd at least initially, bbt it's unclear how much cash flow will be sustained in the long ruug, especiaaly given its poximity to delaware. p> the competition is casinnose are within 30 miles. we feel like the product we % have here, the slots, is going to be the best slot product n the east coast. >>reporterr while they will
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on hand for the big ribbon cutting on thursday. it 3 c1 appears the ocean down's casino will be the next to open in % maryland. three others that % were originally planned could be a year or more away. 3 c1 a patient at the hospital ii dead and tonight another c1 patieet is charged with her a man is shot in the meft norrhwest baltimore. it happened yesterddy around 5:00 p.m. he is still in
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critical, but stable condition in the hospital. so far police have no leads, suspects or possible motives. tte family of n 11-year old girl kiddapped and killed on theeeastern shore last december wants the curreet state's attorney to stay on the case. the family wants him to stay on the sxas pursue the death punishment. he lost he pemocratic primary earry thee month. the famill says he is familiar with the sxas is the pest person to prosecute him. the trial is scheduled to begin in april. >> the last time the ravens played a game wasslast december 20th. a amous snoo game against the bears. after watching the team on tv the
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first two weeks, over 70,000 ravens' fans joined their way in to the staaiim to see thhm lead. joe cool strikee agaan. throws ooer the top for his favorite target. bolden brings in his third touchdown of the game. he caught eight passes comes back for throwing four interceptions to throw in three touchdowns and o interceptioos today as the ravens win their first home game of theeyear 24-11.
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today's home opener also brought the returnnof avens' tailigating. myranna stephens hhs more on why the old tradition gives fans a new seese of purple ppide. they say here's no place like home. >> they're in ravens' country now. >>reporter: for fans, this is where their heart is. games. to be back in our way stadium, it's goiig to be >>reporter: today's home opener
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>> we really enjoy this. it's greatt >>reporter::from he fun and games to, of course, the food. >> bratwufrt and sour krauu. >>reporter: the return home was a wettone. for these fans, a few raindrops wonnt ruin their ffnn >> we'll be here rain, snow, sleet, whatever. >>reporter: for this -- why else would they let this guy
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the tailgators, players and fan got a little rain to start
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a coffee shop for sale. the bargain price one woman is fooced to offer it ♪ ♪ ♪
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engineering experts say
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there are holes in bp's internal investigation in to the massive oil spill in he %
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israel lets a 10-month
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constructton freeze expire and says it plaas to move forward with new housing projects. a perfect event for book lovers this weekend. more than 100 locaa and celebrity authors
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it looos like we are really in for rain. >> looks like it's going to come down pret gooddthe next couple oo days. you've got a good rain coat; right? >> oh, yeah. umbrella ready to go. rain boots. >> you're telling everybody about the fashionnthey need to havv. we're talking about rang coat, umbrella. if you ave
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is being spawned y an area of % low pressure. that's going to help wrap in that moisturr as we go through the next few days. expect to ee this rain stick around. in fact, on the future scan you can sse how the -pshowee activity will wrap -- monday looking at decent rainfall through the afternoon. tuesday looking at a morning rush hour. potentially hhavy rainfall. thhn in to tuesday
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afteenoon as well. it will stretch up in to the midatlantic innto the new england states. definiteey everybody is oing to get their1 sharr of rain. anywhere from 21 to 3 incces in some spots. e can look at coastal flooding, and low-lying flooddng we have to waach out for. 78 degrees on the easternnshore with
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in a mine. oming up, the key piece of equipment that arrived
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to hhlp the rescue efforts.
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a recall to warn you about ponight from car maker huudaii. the company is recalling so natas. there could be problems with the steering column.. it applies to thooeemannfactured since deceeber 2009. thooe
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affected will receive a free soft wear upddte and car inspection. the first of three rescue castles arrives to rescue the 33 trapped minors. once the hole is drill, the capsules
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>> be sure youuremember that more important than what yyu say is how you look on television. %>> kenneey went o win by 1-10th of a percentage point. >> the new owner has to promise to keep the coffee shop open pnd agree to a newwlease with the roperty owner. jessica pas more than 50 offers ffom people that are intereeted in lindsay is out of jail
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pgain. a judge overturned a different judge's decision tt hold her without bail. she was taken bacc to jail after failing a drug test,which is a violation of probation. her father had this to say about the whooe ordeal. >> i think that she kkows what joe flacco sillnces his criiics with a three-touchdown
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